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 Why Rotating? Bolt's Rotating Pull-up Bar has bearings that allow you to easily slide your handles for the best angle for your workout, regardless of the preference of the athlete. It allows you to space your handles to your preferred grip, wide or narrow, keep stable while engaging your core and forearms for a full body workout. If you are looking to upgrade from a straight pull-up bar to something that adds more variety to your workout, this is the way to go.

- Fits Bolt's Lightning Series Rigs and Racks.
- Solid steel construction for durability and safety. 
- Quick pin installation make installation and adjustments easy.
- Bearings allows for easy movement to different widths. 






Length: 7"

Width: 5"

Height: 3"

Weight: 6 Lb

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    Lightning Series 43 inches Rotating Adjustable Handle Pull-Up Bar

    Bolt Lightning Series 43" Rotating Adjustable Handle Pull-Up Bar

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